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Property Of EVP's

Are all EVP's the same in message characteristics?

EVP messages have been classified as Class A, B or C:

Class A: easily heard and understood from the speakers of a sound system
Class B: can be heard over the speaker but there may not be agreement as to the message. Some words may be agreed on.
Class C: can only be heard with headphones and difficult to understand.

Often times messages are found by listening to the reverse direction of a sound track. So the spirits words are clearly heard as if played in the correct direction and may disclose hidden messages. Some popular explanations for the existence of reverse messages are:

1. Spirits experience a different time frame from us
2. Sometimes a EVP recording is done in a sound-rich environment.

Are all EVP's the same in message duration?

EVP message length is typically very short, ranging from one word to short sentences. Several experimenters have found that messages will usually be less than two seconds in duration. And the words may be spoken very quickly. Popular theories for why this is so are:

1. Quantum physics aspects suggests that there may be a limit to the amount of EVP information that can be transmitted.
2. The energy required for a transmission of a spirits message is limited by available physical energy such as; that provided by sound, electricity or light.
3. The experimenter's particular mediumistic capability is a restricting factor for message duration.

Often EVP messages are preceded by a clicking or a popping sound. A physical world analog to this sound is the sound that was heard on old Citizen Band radio sets. When the send key was pressed, there was a brief burst of static before the voice was heard.

Most messages are in the language of the experimenter, but some individual experimenters have received other languages. For instance, an English and German message has been received in a single session

Why do most EVP's have a high frequency sound?

Humans live in a dense 3D world but it is believed that the spirit world is less dense. Spirit voices sound like speech at a faster pace because they are in a lighter spirit form. One explanation of this could be that the spirit world operates at a higher frequency. Many paranormal researchers believe that the spirit world operates at a higher frequency because of the faster rate in which the paranormal messages occur. So spirit voice messages often demonstrate a shift in frequency outside of the normal human voice, frequency range. A human voice usually ranges between 300 Hz and 1000 Hz. Spirit EVP voices have been measured to 1400 Hz.


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Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is a term used to describe unexplained sounds or voices that are sometimes found on a recording media. Many researcher's believe it is a voice of a spirit. Some researchers believe that the voices of the dead can be recorded and played back on a Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) Some even believe it is a way to communcate with the spirit world. Many EVP's will have a popping or snapping sound just before or after the EVP. Researchers feel that the sound is a spirit attempting to connect or disconnect to the recording device.

Tips On Recording EVP's
Researchers who take audio recorders, video recorders, or use the open microphone method on investigations hope to capture an EVP must keep in mind that capturing an EVP is fairly easy. But, gathering proof of the afterlife takes solid evidence. To convince anyone that a true paranormal event has taken place some issues should be avoided that can occur when recording spirit voices.

Evp and New Dimensions
This must be the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Written by a former NASA speech researcher, the book covers everything from basic questions, such as what is EVP, how it is done, to a wide-ranging discussion of new dimensions. This takes in beliefs from Christianity to Taoism, from Spiritualism to the Kaballah. After comparing EVP, Near Death Experiences, Black Holes and Wormholes, MacRae goes on to present incredible ideas for the future of EVP and Designer Bodies.

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