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Tips On Recording EVP

Paranormal researchers who take audio recorders or video recorders on investigations in hopes to capture an EVP must keep in mind that capturing an EVP is fairly easy. Gathering proof of an afterlife takes concrete solid evidence, making evidence the difference between science and myth making. In order to convince skeptics that a true paranormal event has taken place some issues should be avoided that can occur when recording spirit voices.

EVP's are considered to be spirit voices by many paranormal researchers. However, they are still classified as unexplained phenomena. Most haunted locations involve unusual sounds, for example a whispering voice. For it to be labels EVP these sounds must be heard later when listening to the recorded message and not heard at the time of the recording. Otherwise these sounds would be considered a disembodied voice. Right before that recorded message, or EVP, is captured some investigators claim there is a clicking sound. These researchers feel that the spirit or spirits could be tuning into the microphone in order to leave the message.

EVP researchers agree that the voices can be recorded anywhere or at any time. Many investigating the phenomenon claim that spirit voices can be transferred to a recording device no matter where the device is located or placed. Some experimenters have even placed recording devices in locked boxes or buried them in the ground and they still have captured an EVP. Various researchers state that a microphone is not even necessary.

Traditionally ghost hunters and paranormal investigators usually seek out quiet locations for recordings so they can address questions aloud to any ghosts who might be present. However, more recently researchers recording EVPís deliberately include high levels of simulated background noise to record the phenomenon. This simulated noise is known as white noise which they believe assists with the production of a paranormal voice. White noise could be running water or a radio not tuned to any particular station. This also provides an audio context and reassures the listener that the recording has not been manipulated. The key difference between these two types of EVP research is that in the traditional EVP research all efforts are made to exclude the possibility of any natural voices. And the new idea is to include sounds to help assist the spirit voices.

When recording outside many different things can affect the microphone. Wind produces loud sounds so it carries a voice further and drowns out other sounds. To prevent this problem, microphones with special wind screens can be purchased. Ambient background sounds can also occur and are likely to be higher outdoors. In particular, real voices might appear on recordings made outside.

One problem with audio recording of paranormal material is that it can be difficult to recall all possible natural sources of all the sounds present. Itís important to document any sound thatís heard to rule out it as paranormal. Even using a video recorder can produce the same problem; for example an odd sound that appears could be from out of the range of the camera. With a video camera present capturing a spirit voice on a recording is much more difficult to debunk. Similarly, locking a room off with just an audio recorder in it is also much harder to debunk. Both those ways for catching EVP's inevitably remain unexplained and hence spirit voices are captured.

Debunking any possible EVP's is a very important step to verify that it is a true paranormal sound. Occasionally, recorded sounds could be coming from outside the building where the recording took place. These appear to be coming from inside the building; so when listening to the recording special consideration to background noises is necessary. If the background noise appears to fade drastically when a real loud sound is picked up, this could mean that your recorder has an auto-gain circuit (AGC). An AGCís job is to keep sound levels roughly constant. Also, record details such as where, when, and how the recording was made; as well as the type of equipment used. All of this will help separate true paranormal sounds to non-paranormal sounds.

Humans live in a dense 3D world but it is believed that the spirit world is less dense. spirit voices sound like speech at a faster pace because they are in a lighter spirit form. One explanation of this could be that the spirit world operates at a higher frequency. Many paranormal researchers believe that the spirit world operates at a higher frequency because of the faster rate in which the paranormal messages occur. For this reason some researchers occasionally edit recordings to slow them down. They do this to understand what they feel is the true meaning or message of what the spirit voice said.

Editing or enhancing recordings can be helpful to understand the spirit voices. But, to be a good and thorough investigator, researcher or ghost hunter the original recording always needs to be kept. The most obvious way to analyze a sound recording is to listen to it. Once a sound recording contains apparent spirits voices or paranormal sounds make copies of it and keep it safe; it could become very valuable evidence. Also, cutting out a section of the recording to show the suspected paranormal sound to researchers is also helpful. It is recommended to leave a few seconds before and after the paranormal event. These seconds are important to establish context of the suspected paranormal sound.

If using audio editing software on paranormal recordings do not apply more than one or two enhancements per sample. Also, apply exactly the same enhancements to all the recordings. If different types of enhancements are applied to each recording then they can not be objectively compared to each other. In some noise reduction processes an area of the recording must be nominated as noise so that it can then be removed from the sample which is interesting. Most audio editing software is designed to edit and enhance sound clips with a reasonable signal to noise ratio. Itís not recommended changing the audio format into a MP3 or WMA, these formats compresses, the file and it will not sound identical to the original recording. Do use uncompressed digital formats, like WAV, for editing and storing paranormal sounds. If WAV format is not used, skeptics will null and void your evidence

To help decipher if where a sound or voice is of a paranormal nature you will need to go back to site of the recording, in order to examine the area more carefully. Otherwise it is difficult to judge what caused a particular possible paranormal noise. Try to recreate the suspected sounds by moving objects around or tapping them. This does not necessarily imply that the objects were moved by any paranormal means. To obtain good evidence of phenomena like this a video recorder could be used in conjunction with an audio recorder. With this method, it's much easier to rule out a non-paranormal sound.


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Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is a term used to describe unexplained sounds or voices that are sometimes found on a recording media. Many researcher's believe it is a voice of a spirit. Some researchers believe that the voices of the dead can be recorded and played back Digital Voice Recorder (DVR). Some even believe it is a way to communcate with the spirit world. Many EVP's will have a popping or snapping sound just before or after the EVP. Researchers feel that the sound is a spirit attempting to connect or disconnect to the recording device.

Property Of EVP's

EVP messages have been classified as Class A, B or C:
Class A: easily heard and understood from the speakers of a sound system
Class B: can be heard over the speaker but there may not be agreement as to the message. Some words may be agreed on.
Class C: can only be heard with headphones and difficult to understand.

Often times messages are found by listening to the reverse direction of a sound track. So the spirits words are clearly heard as if played in the correct direction and may disclose hidden messages.

Evp and New Dimensions
This must be the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Written by a former NASA speech researcher, the book covers everything from basic questions, such as what is EVP, how it is done, to a wide-ranging discussion of new dimensions. This takes in beliefs from Christianity to Taoism, from Spiritualism to the Kaballah. After comparing EVP, Near Death Experiences, Black Holes and Wormholes, MacRae goes on to present incredible ideas for the future of EVP and Designer Bodies. (252 pages, 30 illustrations.)

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