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Spirits On Video Experiment 2

Visions of the future or a glimpse of the spiritual world?

Spiritualist believe that spirits use many different ways to communicate with us. And spirits impressing images on photos or videos, to pass imformation to us, would be just one of them. Some paranormal researchers feel that spirits vibrate at a higher frequency. So if spirits vibrate at a higher frequency could they then move at a faster rate? Maybe in order to catch them on video we need to look at each single frame from a video to possibly capture a glimpse of the spiritual world. Since some video cameras takes 6-8 photos per second it might be possible for a camera to capture images of spirits. And these images would only be seen if each and every photo in the video were examined more closely. We did just, in our experiment we took single frames from a video that was captured right at the time of dusk.

Skeptics feel this is just merely arbitrary, random and meaningless like images found in the clouds in the sky. They even claim that it's a play of light and shadow on a overactive imagination.

Gaze and see the images yourself and decide if it's a glimpse of the spiritual world. Or just random and meaningless and a play of light and shadow on a overactive imagination.

Do you have any other experiment like this one?

Yes, here is another Spirits Captured On Video Experiment (part 1)

The Sun And The Paranormal
It is widely believed by the ghost hunting community that times of increased solar activity are ideal for ghost hunting. Spirits seem to feed off electrical sources such as electrical appliances and batteries. They often produce or disturb electro magnetic energy, it is speculated that spirits need to draw energy from the surrounding area in order to manifest. It seems that heightened paranormal activity happens durring a geomagnetic storm or solar flare (X, M or Mega class). Because the Sun's storms or flares sends particles into the Earth's atmosphere, which causes a magnetic shift and increasing the geomagnetic fields. Since it's a worldwide disturbance and alters the earths magnetic fields, it puts extra energy into the atmosphere. On these days when the air is full of excess energy in the air from charged ions, spirits have the extra boost they need in order to manifest and interact.

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