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Farnsworth House Inn Ghost Video

The Farnsworth House Inn is a Bed & Breakfast that is located at 401 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The house was built in 1810, and at the time of the Civil War was a private residence. During bloodiest battle of the war the house was taken over by Confederate soldiers. The Rebels used the house as a strong hold in order to fire shots at Union soldiers that were located on cemetery hill. But the house and it's occupant's didn't go unscathed, as over hundred bullet holes on inn's south side wall can still be seen today. On July 3, 1863, Jennie Wade who was in her home just down the street was shot and killed. It is alledged that the fatal shot that killed Jenny came from the direction of the Farnsworth House Inn. Miss. Wade was the only civilian to die during the three-day battle of Gettysburg. The Inn was later renamed after Union Army Brigadier General Elon John Farnsworth.

The Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg PA is documented to be the 7th most haunted Inn in America. It has been

called one of the most haunted inns in America by the Travel Channel. The A&E Haunted History: Haunted Gettysburg , The Unexplained, The History Channel and Sci-Fi Channel also have featured the Inn on their television shows.

This lovely Victorian Bed & Breakfast offers nine guest rooms, five of which are said to be haunted. In fact the inn claims to have fourteen ghosts residing there. The video you are about to see, was captured in a one of the two newer guest rooms which was named after President Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Room is not considered the most haunted room at the inn, the Sara Black Room is said to be the most haunted room. But the Lincoln Room is considered by employees to be one of the five most haunted rooms. Both guests and help have had ghostly encounters from the attic down to the basement.

According to the inn this video is the first and only video recording of one of the fourteen ghosts. It was recorded on August 4 19:57:49 2008. The ghostly video was captured on a laptop computer camera that was set up for motion detect. The motion detecting factor helps verify that a physical manifestation actually took place. Since physically matter or visable energy had to be present for the camera's detection to start recording.

After close examination the video visibly shows a ghostly female face, who is middle aged. Such details as the ghosts left eye, her mouth and her red hair, in an old fashioned hairdo, can be seen. She seems to be a shorter lady who will be standing in the doorway and then she will move to the right, into the bathroom. We are speculating the ghost may have over heard the laptop fan turn on, which could have captured her attention. So she will be looking straight at the computer camera, Which may help prove that this haunting as a intelligent haunting but this conclusion would only be conjecture.

This room was in an enforced controlled environment by having only one key to the room. And the room was locked and empty at the time of the recording. It's also been verified that, during the recording, no-one entered or was in the room. Also collaborating and verifying this evidence has been established by a Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) that was recording in the room at the same time as the video.

Ghosts of Gettysburg
Ghosts of Gettysburg Book: Walking on Hallowed Ground is a keep-you-up-all-night book from real life master ghost hunters Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester, cofounders of the International Ghost Hunters Society, the largest ghost research society on the Internet. Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester spend their time traveling the back roads of America, investigating some of its most haunted places. Over a six-year period, they explored and recorded the amazing ghostly experiences of visitors to the Gettysburg battlefield. One year they devoted a full month for battlefield investigations and drove over 1,000 miles on the battlefield gathering data for this book. Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester were the first to hold ghost conferences in Gettysburg teaching about ghost photography and electronic voice phenomena known as EVP. Their annual ghost conferences started the ghost hunting movement in Gettysburg. Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester share 40 haunted sites on the battlefield, not according to folklore, but from their own personal investigations using scientific tools to validate the existence of ghosts. Each haunted site contains a short history of its part in this three-day battle. Read about the ten most haunted Civil War hospitals sites that can be visited by the reader.
Ghosts at Gettysburg
Gettysburg? Site of the epic battle that forever changed the United States. Some also say it is the most haunted place on earth. In Ghosts at Gettysburg, the third Oliver Family Adventure, the Oliver family visits Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, site of the three-day battle. While Tyler and Tommy participate in a re-enactment, learning about the battle and those that fought it, their sister Paige and mother Judy reluctantly learn of the town?s haunted history through frightening encounters of their own. On their very first evening there they see pictures of glowing orbs on the battlefield and meet a mysterious woman who seems to be everywhere. While Tommy marches with Confederate troops and Tyler helps man the cannons atop Cemetery Ridge, the Oliver women encounter the ghosts of a grieving father and a sad young soldier, forcing them to rethink their ideas about ghosts, spirits and hauntings. When the battle reaches its climax at Pickett?s Charge the boys find themselves on opposite sides of that bloody clash. There they learn what it was to be a soldier in the American Civil War.

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