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Orb Photos

Orbs are a highly controversial subject amongst ghost hunter's, paranormal researcher's and critic's. Basically Orbs are pale in color and circular anomalies that can show up on digital photos. Even though they can be of any color, but are usually white, they can be any shape or size, but are regularly circular. They can appear sharp or hazy, by themselves or with several other orbs or even in clumps. But a typical orb would be round, white in color and would have concentric circles that are visible on the inside. Some researchers believe that paranormal orbs are energy being transferred from some kind power source; emotion, powerlines, low-grade radiation, and batteries. Believing that spirits need this energy to manifest and interact with the living. other paranormal researchers believe that orbs themselves are ghosts or spirits, in their natural state or condensed form. In other words the orb iteslf is a spirit in the form of a ball of light. The skeptic's feel orbs are a result from reflection of light off solid dust, or pollen particle, or liquid water particle, or even a foreign material within the camera lens.

When are orbs paranormal?

Since ancient times, astronomers thought they carry the celestial bodies.

Today many ghost hunters and paranormal researchers have found that when a place is truely haunted orbs can be found. Keeping in mind that but not all places that have orbs are haunted locations. So making the distinction between real paranormal orbs and non-paranormal orbs is vital. Since many orbs that you will find in photographs are caused by the flash reflecting off dust, particles, insects, or moisture dropslets in the air in front of the camera. Capturing an orb that is partially covered by something in the picture itself, helps in identifying it as paranormal. Any orb, either paranoraml or not, if it's very close to the lens when the shutter opens, they will appear large or out of focus. Some paranormal researcher believe that a true paranormal orb seems to replicate the characteristic of a energy cell or ball which is believed to be the energy of a spirit. Another identifying factor is wheather the orb shows a intelligent's with it's movement and has a vapor trail. Generally true paranomoral orbs has it's own light illuminating from inside the orb itself and not reflecting light off the orb.

Enlightenment Through Orbs
The fullest personal encounter ever published of one couple's encounter with the paranormal, documented with photographs. Beginning with the appearance of orbs, and shedding light on other phenomena such as spirit photography, faeries, ghost lights, ball lightening, crop circles, even alien abductions, the journey John and Katie lead us through culminates with a startling new perspective: we are not alone on this planet, and non-human-intelligence interacts with us on a daily basis.

The Orbs Around Us: A Series of Familiar Essays on the Moon and Planets, Meteors and Comets, the Sun and Colored Pairs of Suns (1902)
With special exceptions, into the nature of which we need not now enter, it may be said that all incandescent solid and fluid bodies show this continu- ous rainbow- tinted streak, and that only the light from such bodies will exhibit a continuous streak of colour from deepest red to deepest violet. This is an experimental fact. Now suppose there is some self- luminous body that we cannot attain to, and we wish to tell what its natme may be. If we find that its light when dispersed by the prism shows a continu- ous rainbow-tinted streak, we can conclude as surely that it is an incandescent solid or fluid, as we could tell that our imagined set of keys from C to C had been swept from end to end, if we heard the whole succession of sounds, even though the instrument were out of sight. Always supposing a certain keenness of perception on the part of the auditor, it would make no difference to him whether the musical instrument were close by, or in another room, or even in another house ; so long as he heard the whole succession of sounds he would know that the whole series of keys had been struck. And just as certainly the physicist can tell that light comes from an incandescent solid or liquid because the whole series of colours is present in the spectrum without break or interruption, even though the source of light be millions of miles away.

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