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Paranormal Definition's

Refering to life after death. Other terms include crossing over, the Otherworld, and the other side.

All Saints Day
November 1, is the day the Catholic Church honors its saints.

All Souls Day
November 2 is the day in which the Catholic Church honors and remembers the dead. The day is believed by some to be even more ascribable and have more psychic prima facie than Halloween.

Alpha Rhythm
A pattern of slow brain waves. Is affiliated with a state of mental relaxation.

Altered State of Consciousness (ASC)
Also known as altered states of awareness. Is the condition or frame of mind that is different from normal states of an wake brain activity.

An object that has the power to avert danger and to dispel evil spirits or ghosts. It is believed to be the source of an neutral power that is an indwelling property of the object. It is usually warn on the body or hung around the neck but it can also be a protective emblem on that's hung on a wall or in doorways.

Having no definite patern or structure, spirits and ghosts often appears in formless mist-like shape.

Ancestral Spirit
An ancestral spirit that will follow a family or certain groups to any place they would move. These spirits are said to protect and watch over the these families. Often they can give forewarning of of impending danger or harm.

Is a being that is believed to be transcendent and exist on a realm between God and mortal man. Some religions believe that they are messengers of God. One of the duties of an Angel is to be guardians over man kind.

Is something that is uncommon and unusual or mis proportioned. Even could be something that is irregular, unique or unexplained.

Is the visual appearance of a disembodied soul or spirit. Any ghost that seems to have material substance or matter that can be seen. It could appear in any physical form, such as a vapor-like image, even for a very short period of time.

Atmospheric Apparition
Is a imprint of people and or events that was left behind in the environment and continues to replay over and over with no change in the advents.

atmosphere or energy field emanating from living creatures. Some people believe it is the soal of a person. Some people believe that our physical health and our emotional state are reflected with in ones aura. People with psychic abilities can see and interpret an aura. Some researchers believe that the color of an orb is similar to that of one's aura.

Is a form of spirit communication where a spirit possesses a person in a meditative or trancelike state. The unseen spirit could be a deceased human being, an Angel, Demon or Elemental.

The ability to hear sounds that exist above the reach of common hearing. Hearing sounds that are inaudible to the normal human hearing. Example hearing the dead speak or make sounds.

The ability to clearly feel other peoples emotions and sensations.

Is a ability of seeing objects or actions from normal viewing that is unexplainable by the natural laws of nature. A form of ESP (ExtraSensory Perception). The ability to have clear visual mental images or pictures. To see auras, spirits, or events through normal sight.

To call upon or command a spirit or spirits using black magic or spell.

Refers to an evil spirit and is associated with fallen angels. Can refer to the Devil which can be more powerful than man, but less powerful than God. A female demon is a Demoness.

Demon Possession
The act of being bodily taken over or possessed by an evil entity.

A term referring to a ghost or spirit that for some reason was unable to cross over to the other side at the time of their death and is stuck or attached to the earth.

The act of experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another person or spirit. Some can also feel the feelings from buildings or objects haunted or not.

Is the disembodied soul of a deceased human being or animal that has not passed over to a higher spiritual place. When someone dies the soal released from physical body and is believed to do one of two things; either it goes the next world (Heaven or Hell), or it lingers behind. Why they sometime stay behind is unfinished business, a strong ties to someone or something, wanting to say goodbye, passing on a warning and not knowing they are dead. Even inanimate objects have been reported as ghosts.

Some researcher believe that paranormal orbs are energy being transferred from a source; powerlines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc, to a spirit so it can manifest and interact. other researchers believe the orb iteslf is a spirit in the form of a ball of light.

A incidence or event lacking scientific explanation.

A method of perceiving events and answers by way of the unconscious.

A person who has a high degree proficiency in extrasensory perception or can sense or feel paranormal events beyond the range of their five human senses.

Is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

Shadow People
Some believe they come from another demsions or they are enties that were never even human.

water Gazing
The act of staring into water and having a vision of the future or get a glimpse of the spiritual world. Scrying.

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The Death and Afterlife Book: The Encyclopedia of Death, Near Death, and Life After Death
In this seminal and methodical study, popular, historical, and cultural aspects of death and the hereafter are explored and explained, including heaven and hell, reincarnation, communication with the dead, and the rise of spiritualism. 100 photos & illustrations.

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The Complete Enochian Dictionary A Dictionary of the Angelic Language As Revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley Condition: New
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