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Solar Activity And Ghost Hunting

Current Solar Activity

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

Courtesy Of n3kl.org And nasa.gov

How our Sun affects the paranormal

It is widely believed by the ghost hunting community that times of increased solar activity are ideal for ghost hunting. Spirits seem to feed off electrical sources such as electrical appliances and batteries. They often produce or disturb electro magnetic energy, investigators feel that spirits need to draw energy from the surrounding area in order to manifest. In a sense it is their fuel or food. It seems that heightened paranormal activity can increase during a geomagnetic storm or solar flare (X, M or Mega class). Because the Sun's storms or flares sends charged radioactive particles into the Earth's atmosphere, this creates a magnetic shift and alters the geomagnetic fields, thus puts extra energy into the atmosphere. On these days when the air is saturated with charged ions from this excess energy, ghosts have what they need as feul to manifest and even interact with the living.

Information about the Solar X-ray status monitor

The X-ray Solar status monitor downloads data periodically from the NOAA Space Environment Center FTP server. The previous 24 hours of 5 minute Long-wavelength X-ray data from each satellite (GOES 8 and GOES 10) is analyzed, and an appropriate level of activity for the past 24 hours is assigned as follows:

Normal: Solar X-ray flux is quiet (< 1.00e-6 W/m^2)
Active: Solar X-ray flux is active (>= 1.00e-6 W/m^2)
M Class Flare: An M Class flare has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-5 W/m^2)
X Class Flare: An X Class flare has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-4 W/m^2)
Mega Flare: An unprecedented X-ray event has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-3 W/m^2)

Information about the geomagnetic field status monitor

The Geomagnetic Field status monitor downloads data periodically from the NOAA Space Environment Center FTP server. The previous 24 hours of 3 hour Planetary Kp Index data is analyzed and an appropriate level of activity for the past 24 hours is assigned as follows:
Quiet: the Geomagnetic Field is quiet (Kp < 4)
Active: the Geomagnetic Field has been unsettled (Kp=4)
Storm: A Geomagnetic Storm has occurred (Kp>4)

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