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Ghost Hunting Equipment

Best Ghost Hunting Hours
The witching hours is the best time to go on a ghost hunt. But many people falsely think the witching hour is at midnight, or the hour before or after midnight, but this is not the case. The whole day is divided into 24 planetary hours, but they are usually not 60 minutes long. The night is then divided into 12 planetary hours, which start at the time of dusk and it ends at dawn, divide that by 12. The Farmers Almanac 2008 will give you the sunset and sunrise times of any given day.
Some researchers feel that the hour ruled by Saturn is considered to be good for spirituality of any kind. And the hour ruled by Mercury is considered to be good for communications including divination. Other ghost hunters favor the the hour ruled by the Moon, which they feel relates to psychic gifts. Since these three hours are chronological, giving three hours in a row for ghost hunting.

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